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Zachary Santa Cruz - Zachary Restaurant Santa Cruz

Zachary Restaurant

819 Pacific Avenue

Santa Cruz, CA 95060-4433

(831) 427-0646‎

Hours Tue-Sun 7 am - 2:30 pm
Cuisine American‎‎, California‎‎
Price $10 - $20‎‎
Neighborhood Downtown Santa Cruz
Parking Street, Garage Nearby‎‎
Dining Style Casual Dining‎‎
Payment Accepted Visa,Master Card,Discover,American Express‎‎
Meals Brunch‎‎, Breakfast, Lunch
Reservations No
Santa Cruz Delivery No
Santa Cruz Take Out Yes


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Zachary Santa Cruz - Summary:

(from - Christina Waters) - Still amazing after all these years, downtown Santa Cruz's legendary eye-opener feeds the masses with flourish By Christina Waters

The endless expanse of century-old hardwood floor held scores of diners, all furiously eating, talking and reading the papers, while the pavement outside was beginning to swell with the weekend faithful. Zachary's was a hit the day it opened almost two decades ago. And it has stayed that way. The secret is breakfast that meets and then surpasses expectations. Serious bowls of seven-grain cereal, with real half and half, raisins and cinnamon on top. Tangy sourdough pancakes, not those gummy inner tubes topped with margarine. And the details, like delicious home fries or light, chewy squares of jalapeño cornbread.

And this recent visit only underlined our passion for this place, where hanging plants still punctuate the ceiling and the woodwork bench seating still offers comfort to Santa Cruz politicos, students, artistes and bohemians of every stripe.

The pancakes were tender and tangy--served with tiny scoops of butter and a pitcher of real maple syrup. The accompanying bacon was perfect. Intensely flavored, not greasy, and not charcoal burned. More expectations met.

The Basic Breakfast could have been called Perfect Breakfast. Two thick triangles of expertly toasted honey wheat bread--with butter on the side--accompanied an island of succulent home fries all yummy with turmeric, onions and subtle herbs. The eggs, over medium, were exactly right.

The classic eggs-and-potatoes breakfast, so basic, so deceptively simple, is an accurate gauge, I've found, of kitchen expertise. Sure, they can do some razzle-dazzle conglomeration of ingredients, but can they fry an egg exactly the way you want? Zachary's can. The eggs were done just the way my mother used to do them--higher praise is just not possible. And the skillfully seasoned potatoes were done the way she wished she could make them.

Zachary Santa Cruz - Reviews:

Positive Zachary Santa Cruz Review:


Fun & lively atmosphere - always busy on the weekends. Excellent organic foods - love all of their breakfasts!
Great service staff! Just act like you're a local! ;-)

-Trevor S.., Watsonville, CA


Negative Zachary Santa Cruz Review:


Zachary's service is simply NOT good! The people that work there are always rude to me! They have gotten my order wrong many times and the food isn't anything that great. I got an omlete with very bland vegetables, meaning they probably do not check for ripeness and they are probably not organic! The place has great potential and I really like the hard wood floors and the style of the place itself, too bad the waitors and hosts don't know how to treat people with respect! I asked how long the wait was today and they said " I have no idea!" Isn't that the job of a host......?? One time I was on the wait list and asked the waitress if we were next after she skipped over my name and she basically yelled at my telling me that I should trust her because she has been doing her job for ten years!!!! BLAHHH!
The breads and pancakes are good though I guess.

-Heather O.., Santa Cruz, CA


Average Zachary Santa Cruz Review:


very nice place
clean and old fashion
the waitress weren't that helpful and seems to be having a bad day
but, food was good and remind me of the waffle shop

-R.I.., State College, PA


Zachary Santa Cruz - Photos:

Zachary Restaurant


Zachary Santa Cruz Breakfast


Zachary Restaurant Downtown Santa Cruz